Vendor Profile: Colegy Handcrafted Goods

by Madai Gutierrez March 31, 2016


Business Name: Colegy Handcrafted Goods
Business Category: Women & Men Accessories
Founding Year: 2015
What makes your company unique? Our products come directly from the source, which are our indigenous people in South America, specifically Peru and Bolivia, but we will be extending as we contact more local artisans from other countries. 
What do you love most about your company? What we love most about are company is that we are helping our indigenous communities by promoting more sustainable Eco friendly products. 
Tells us a little about your process: The origin of the company started when my wife and I married and decided to have a backpacking trip to South America, where she is originally from, and we felt in love with the indigenous people high quality handcrafted works and decided to share that passion with others. The name Colegy comes from the fusion of our two countries of origin: COLombia (wife) and EGYpt (Myself)
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Madai Gutierrez
Madai Gutierrez


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