Vendor Profile: Mandalina

by Madai Gutierrez March 11, 2016

Business Name: Mandalina
Business Category: Turkish Towels, Eco-Towels, Wraps, & Baby Wearing
Founding Year: 2015

What makes your company unique? We travel the world to find the most interesting items to share back at home. We love love ethnic designs made in contemporary ways!

What do you love most about your company? That we are a husband and wife team and we get to meet so many interesting people who share our passion for travel and great design! We are also happy to have found an eco-friendly option that is both light weight and quick drying for humid climates! It takes up less space in the washer and packs light for traveling. They are as diverse as the individual who buys them.

Tells us a little about your process: We started a boutique line of towels, beach blankets, bed covers, and wraps made with 100% Turkish cotton. Our name is Mandalina, which means, "Little Tangerine" in Turkish.

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Madai Gutierrez
Madai Gutierrez


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