Vendor Profile: AfterBurnt

by Natalie Nagengast September 28, 2015

Business Name: AfterBurnt 
Business Category: Handcrafted Leather, Wood Burnt and Upcycled Art, Accessories, Sterling Silver Jewelry, and Organic Skincare.
Established: 2014
What makes our company unique: Our mission statement is "Unique is What We Seek." Our items are made to be unique, one of a kind keepsakes. We use our love of nature, life, and music to create unique items that truly come from the heart. We also allow our customers to make their own art on site with our upcycle vinyl spin art station. Everyone is an artist, you just need the opportunity to express yourself. 
What we love most about our company: AfterBurnt is more than just a store front. We put our heart and soul into every item we make. What brings us the most joy is the people we meet who share their stories and inspire and encourage us to keep "living the dream." We truly are living our dream through AfterBurnt. 
Our process: All of our wood and leather burnt items are created by hand. We bring along our materials to make custom pieces on site. All of our sterling silver jewelry is soldered and stones are set by hand to create a one of a kind keepsake. Our organic skincare is made from home and used by us daily to ensure quality. We take pride in all of our products and will gladly share our process with all of our customers.
Where you can find us:

Natalie Nagengast
Natalie Nagengast


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