Business Name: Little Welsh Bakery
Business Category: Baked Goods
Founding Year: 2015
What makes your company unique? We are unique because we are one of only three Welsh Cake bakers in the entire USA, and the only Welsh Cake bakers in Florida.

What do you love most about your company? We mostly love the ability to share our Welsh traditions that have been around for over a century with the Clearwater locals through homemade Welsh Cakes

Tells us a little about your process: First we sift soft butter and flour together with our finger tips until  it becomes a soft and crumbly texture. We then add the caster sugar and flavourings such as raisin or choc-chip morsels, some eggs and a dash of milk until combined toughly into a compact dough form. After little time in refrigeration, we roll out the dough in to half centimetre thickness and use a 3inch diameter cutter to cut into the circular Welsh Cake shape. Then, three minutes each side on a 300 degree griddle and finally, sprinkled with caster sugar to serve.

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